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Back Steroids

Well developed back muscles guarantee a powerful and strong body. Using the right training complex and observing the technique of doing the exercises, you can achieve great results.
Back muscles, or dorsum, genetically the most developed part of the body of any person, consists of numerous muscle fibers that respond well to a progressive load. It is worth noting that using the correct training complex and observing the technique of doing the exercises, even the most ungifted person can develop back muscles. The muscles located on the back are paired, which is why, as a whole, the back is very strong and incredibly voluminous.

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General anatomical characteristics

Well-developed spinal muscles, which show us professional bodybuilders, are called superficial. Naturally, there are muscle groups that, even with the most intense workouts, are not able to please us with their beauty, and they are called deep muscle structures. Now it is necessary to understand where the main muscle groups are located, how they are located and what basic functions they perform.

Superficial muscle groups have a two-layer arrangement and occupy the smallest part of the total muscle mass of the back. In sports practice athletes are most interested in the first layer, because it consists of a trapezoid and the latissimus dorsi muscle. It is these muscular structures that tend to develop as much as possible in any sport. Naturally, gym visitors simply dream of having an impressive trapezium and a triangle back. 

Now let's list the superficial muscles related to the second layer. This is the dentate, lifting blade, and rhomboid muscles. They are directly involved in the training process and even develop, but we are not able to see them as the muscles of the first layer. 

Functional features of the back muscles

1. The broadest muscle of the back. Compared to other muscle groups, it is a relatively thin muscle, resembling the shape of a large triangle. Therefore, all the muscular structures that are directly under the broadest are actively involved in creating the external shape of the back. For complete clarity, look at a bodybuilder who demonstrates the back in the back position.

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Functional features of the broadest muscle - This is the return of the hands to the body and turning them inward. Also, the muscle is actively involved in the extension of the shoulder, brings back the raised arms, if they have a fixed position, as on the crossbar. The widest muscles always tighten the arms to the body: this happens when an athlete swims, pulls up or crawls along a tightrope. 

2. Trapezius muscles resemble the shape of a triangle and flat in its structure; the wide part of the muscle is facing the middle part of the spine. The trapezium is located in the upper region of the back and ends directly on the neck.

Main function trapeze is to reduce the shoulder blades with a maximum approximation to the spinal column, this is due to the overall muscle contraction. 

3. Muscles responsible for the mobility of the blades. Muscle fibers are attached to the cervical vertebrae and begin with the tendons gathered in bundles. Moving lower, the muscle ends directly on the scapula. 

Main functional abilities: provides the mobility of the scapula with the maximum approximation to the center of the spinal column. It should be noted that in almost all people, in 99% of cases, the muscle tissues responsible for lifting the scapula coalesce, forming a single muscle. The main function is the movement of the scapula upwards with a variable inclination towards the center of the back. 

4. The gear muscles of the back. designed to reduce edges at the right time. It should be noted that 75% of the back is occupied by deep muscle tissue, which is formed trenbolone in three layers. 

In the surface layer is a fairly massive muscle group responsible for supporting the spine and for the correct position of the human body, among athletes it is popular under the name “extensors of the back”. 

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5. Back extensors they are directly responsible for straightening the spinal column and extend throughout its length, starting with the sacrum and ending with the head. Only thanks to the extensors, we freely move on two legs and have a vertical position of the body. These muscles consist of two halves, which are attached on both sides of the spinal column. Most effectively they can be seen on the lower back: it is there that the extensors of the back tend to be excessively hypertrophied. If you look closely, you will notice a depression formed by the two halves of this large muscle group.

Back extensors are antagonists for the abdominal muscles, it is the combination of these two muscle groups that supports the body of the person in the desired position. Due to the simultaneous reduction of these muscle groups, a person can perform flexing, extending movements of the body and body turns. 

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The most important muscle structures of our body

It is the muscles of the upper layer that are able to achieve maximum development: they possess incredible strength because they perform the hardest work. For example, the extensors of the backs rest only when the person falls asleep, the rest of the time they are in active action. All superficial muscles are located throughout the back area. The place of attachment of the spinal muscles occupy fairly large surfaces, which is why these muscle groups, contracting, develop a huge force that is necessary to retain the body of a person. 

The spinal column is the foundation for the whole musculoskeletal structure of a person. The back muscles are second in volume and strength after the legs. That is why all professional athletes consider the muscles of the legs and back as the main ones in the training process. The well developed muscle groups listed above guarantee a powerful and strong body.