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Steroids of the abdominal muscles

It is very important for the athlete to know the structure of the muscles; therefore, in this article we will consider one of the main groups of muscles - the abdominal muscles.
The athlete is very important to know the structure of the muscles, so this article will consider one of the main groups of muscles - the muscles of the press. 

Steroids of the abdominal muscles 

Quite often beginner athletes ask why the abdominals require more attention?

The lack of press worries many newbies. Someone wants to eliminate the stomach or just wants to get flat and embossed. Each athlete pursues his goals of being in the gym. And to achieve the desired results, you should study the abdominal muscles. 

The abdominal muscles are a muscular corset. He helps: 

- form the abdominal wall;

- protect and retain internal organs;

- stabilize the body and shape the posture. 

Every person has the same body structure. The abdominal muscles are composed of such parts as:

- straight;

- slanting;

- transverse.

But, each has its own anatomical feature of the muscles. And the muscles manifest themselves in relief will be different. 

Rectus abdominis muscle

The rectus abdominis muscle is a long boldenone and flat muscle. It starts from the sternum and stretches along the stomach. This muscle consists of several muscle bundles that run vertically. It helps to get relief. 

The rectus muscle is divided into several halves. In the absence of fatty tissue, the rectus muscle turns into cubes. 

She performs the following functions:

- twists the body in the spine;

- raises the pelvis;

- increases abdominal pressure;

Boldenone undecylenate This muscle
- lowers the ribs. 

Muscle has powerful strength. It also helps to flex the spine. Each part of the rectus muscle independently shrinks. Therefore, the training is conducted based on the characteristics of human boldenone undecylenate Steroids. 

External oblique muscle 

This muscle is considered the widest muscle. Its beginning is located on the side of the chest on two sides of the abdomen. The external muscle is above the internal. 

She performs the following functions:

- rotates the body in different directions;

- pulls the ribs down and flexes the abdominal muscles;

- raises and carries burdening;

- supports the case in the top position. 

Internal oblique muscle

This muscle is a flat broad muscle in the form of a fan, which forms a 2 layer of the press. It is located under the external oblique muscle. 

She performs the following functions:

- rotates the body;

- pulls the sternum down;

- bends the body to the side;

- squeezes the press. 

- transverse muscle 

This muscle is a 3 layer of the press and surrounds this area. It is a natural and athletic belt. This muscle is divided into 3 components: top, bottom and middle. 

She performs the following functions:

- reduces the size of the waist;

- stiffen the ribs;

- bends the body forward and to the sides;

- turns the body. 


Thanks to this article, everyone learned about the abdominal muscles. Now the athlete knows what his press consists of and will correctly train based on the Steroids of his body. With proper training, the athlete will get the desired results.